Separation Of Powers And Checks And Balances Essay

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Separation of Powers / Checks and Balances Paper The Framers of the Constitution had a problem. They wanted to create a government without tyranny. They knew all the downfalls of it, and they did not want to have that happen in their own government. The Framers were also concerned about the majority overtaking the minority and seizing their rights from them. How were they to solve this problem? They came up with something called Separation of Powers with the hope that with this system, no one part of the government would have total control over the other. What the framers decided was that the executive, legislative, and judicial powers of the government would be split up into three groups, which are called branches. The three branches are: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. They made all the branches very distinctly separate, so that no one part of the government could take all the powers. The Executive Branch is composed of the President, Vice president, and Departments. They can propose laws, veto laws, pardon people of federal crimes (excluding impeachments), call special sessions of Congress, appeal directly to the public, and nominate federal judges and officers of the U.S Government. When people usually think of the government, this branch is what they think of. A way I’ve heard it described, is that they are like the “face” of the government. Especially to outsiders, or to people who do not know much about the government. The Legislative Branch is made up of…

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