Senator Bernie Sanders, The Democratic Candidate Running Essay

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Senator Bernie Sanders is one of the Democratic candidates running for Presidency for the United States for the 2016 election. In 2006, he was elected U.S senate after 16 years of Vermont’s sole man in the House Of Representatives. For 35 years, Bernie Sanders has fought tirelessly for working families and gender equality. Regardless of the many candidates running for the presidency, Bernie Sanders is the fittest candidate running with many well thought out ideas involving economic inequality, women’s right, and immigration due to the fact that it provides people with more opportunities.

One major political issue candidates discuss is economic inequality, also known as income inequality. Economic inequality refers to how the money is distributed between a group of people or individuals. For many years, Bernie Sanders has fought for the poor and middle class; he quotes “The middle class of this country, over the last forty years has been disappearing.” One idea Sanders discusses is higher taxing on the wealthy in order to ensure that the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes. Another point Sanders makes is creating policies such as expanding the social safety net and better-paying jobs. In order to expand the social safety nets, revenue from taxation must be used to create programs to help poverty. According to the Sanders campaign website, Sanders wants to create better paying jobs by increasing minimum wage to $15 so Americans can live rather than struggle, he…

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