Self -government : A Government Of A Country Or A State Essay

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• Self -Government is a government of a country or a state that is ran by the people, it is a majority rules type government (Patterson, 1990). This was important in the shaping of America, because, it is about individual freedom, it keeps the government from having control over the people.
• Separation of Powers is the principle that states that the legislative, judicial and executive branches of government should be divided in power, and used as a whole power (Patterson, 1990). Due to the corruptive nature of power these branches should be separate departments. This was important in the shaping of America to help prevent corruptive government.
• Checks and Balances is a system used to prevent any one branch of government from becoming too powerful. This system helps shape American government, by helping it from leading the government into corruption from one department becoming all powerful. It limits the concentration of power.

Balance of Power
• The system of Checks and Balances was put into place to keep any one part of the branch of government from becoming too powerful, and consequently corrupting the government as a whole (Locke, n.d). For example, the Executive branch of government can veto a bill from the Legislative branch of government, however, the Legislative Branch has the ability to override the veto. Checks and Balances are a great thing, it does indeed keep all the branches in their departments with limits on power. Any branch of government…

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