Self Knowledge : Determining Who We Are Essay

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Self-Knowledge: Determining Who We Are The most difficult thing that people are commonly asked to answer is to tell someone about themselves. We never answer the question right away, instead we take a few seconds to think about how we want to go about answering without sounding egoistic, but not benevolent at the same time. The reason for this because individuals have a difficult time describing who they truly are because of the influence others have on them. The person they may be today may not be the same as the person they were a few years, months, weeks, or even a couple of days ago. Neither will it be the same person they will be in the near future. This is known as self-knowledge and knowing who you are. Self-Knowledge can be defined in two ways. There is self-knowledge as in teaching yourself, and self knowledge as in finding out who you are within and how the outside world affects your way of thinking, behavior, interaction, and how well one adapts to others and their given environments.
Everyone is unique in their very own way. However, that does not imply that people cannot easily influenced by others. The media is a prime example. People, majority being young teenagers and young adults, have a desire to be like the people they see on television. Whether it be their favorite television show or even a short commercial about body modification. Magazines, billboards, and posters share the same effect. Everyone views themselves as what they believe other people…

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