Self Interest Within International Courts And Tribunals Essay

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Self Interest in International Courts and Tribunals
International justice and law is a tool used by powerful states directed against smaller states. I would go even further and argue that international bodies, when controlled by powerful states, is a tool meant to intervene specifically in conflicts where those same powerful states could benefit. International tribunals, specifically the ICC, have motives that make the pursuit of justice desirable. Through the lens of a realism, I see the ICC and other international tribunals as vehicles of the hegemon to pursue its own interest and maintain its power. Very often, the pursuit of international justice is not a matter of feasibility but of the international court’s desire to pursue justice and peace; because the values and motives of the hegemon, which dominates the international body, are reflected in the way the international body functions. I will look at two cases of human rights and international law violations: Libya and Uganda. I will demonstrate how when the United Nations Security Council takes it upon itself to investigate cases and intervene in international conflicts, it is motivated by members’ own national interests. However, in cases where a state needs to make a self-referral to the International Criminal Court, there is less urgency and action of the part of the powerful states of the Security Council because they have very little to nothing to gain.
The Libyan Revolution that toppled the long time autocrat…

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