Self Image Research Paper

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Self-image is an important factor to identify somebody’s characteristics or personality. Self-image is like an internal dictionary that describes the features of the self, including intelligent, beautiful, talented, and so on. Those characteristics shape a collective representation of our assets and liabilities as we see them. It is obvious that self-image is influenced by many factors; parents, siblings, the media, and a host of other conditions and circumstances. Is it “nature or nurture”? It is funny in a sad way, but when the term self image comes to mind the thoughts that arise seem to lean toward the minus mood. We all understand how important it is to have a fine self image, yet some of us fall victim to the catalysts that can
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Our look is never the same. It seems today that before young women are told how they should conduct themselves they are told how they should look; appearance is what counts. The message is if your looks are acceptable so are you, who cares if you have a great personality? The young girl in the poem Barbie Doll suffers blows to herself-image starting at puberty; a time of life when boys and girls alike go through some of their hardest times. For young girls being attractive is very important, and if someone should tell them anything different it can be. When the young girl in the poem Barbie Doll is told that she has a great big nose on thick legs her, self-image is crushed (604). She can compensate by dieting, exercising, smiling, playing coy, wheedling or coming on heartedly she did as advised, but nothing worked. She tried everything she had been told that was it for her, so for her removal of the offending parts was all that was left to her (11). In the last stanza she finally gets in death what she was denied her in life, ‘Consummation ’. Young girls are not literally cutting off body parts that they believe are offensive; but it is all too common for a young girl today to think she needs a nose job or breast

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