Self Disclosure : A Form Of Communication Essay

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Self-disclosure is a form of communication in which you share information about yourself. The type of information revealed are things that you know about yourself but others do not know about you (hidden self) and that information gets put out into the open now these things that you know about yourself are also known by others (open self). There can be several different forms of self-disclosure, for example making obvious statements about yourself, unconscious nonverbal movements, slips of tongue, and public confessions are all types of self-disclosure. Self-disclosure can be the sharing of any type of information not previously known to the receiver, it does not have to be revealing information you would normally keep hidden but can be anything from ordinary to extremely serious. This form of communication must be between at least two people and you cannot self-disclose to yourself (De Vito, 2013).
There are a few factors that influence self-disclosure. Some of the things that influence self-disclosure include who you are and who your listener’s are. Also the topic of what you will be disclosing and your own personal culture and gender may influence self-disclosure.
There are several rewards resulting from self-disclosure. To start with self-disclosure allows you to get to know more about yourself and be able to better understand your own behavior. Another reward for self-disclosure is the ability to improve the way you cope and how you deal with problems. By being open…

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