Self Advocacy And Self Determination Website Review Essay

2798 Words Jun 29th, 2015 12 Pages
Self-Advocacy and Self-Determination Website Review
Kelly Amrine
Kansas University
SPED 856

Exploring websites associated with the topics of self-determination and self-advocacy, I used a plethora of different search engines as well as verbiage to discover websites that offer meaningful and relevant information for myself as a professional, my students with disabilities, as well as their parents. I was also hunting for websites which were specifically created for self-determination and self-advocacy. When searching for websites that will be of use for my students, from experience, websites need to be visually appealing to them and it’s also a positive when they website provides the option to listen to the words listed on the page, as many of my students have a limited reading ability. Several problems I came across while in search of new websites were many of the websites listed were ones I was already aware of and use frequently. After continuing to search through the pages of findings, I was able to come across relevant and appealing websites that promote self-determination. Upon deciding upon the five websites described below, I ensured the sites offered materials that were research-based and information that would be relevant and beneficial to my transition program, my students, parents, and colleagues. The first website I chose from the provided list was the I’m determined website. This is a highly engaging website which guides youth with and…

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