Self Actualization : For Colored Girls Essay

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Self-Actualization: For Colored Girls
“I found God in myself and I loved her, I loved her fiercely.” (Shange) For Colored Girls is based from a play with poems written by author Ntozake Shange called, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow isn’t Enuf, describing the life of eight women in New York who face tremendous crisis and heartbreaks. Each woman in this film represents a character/color and a poem from this play. From abuse, secret affairs and abortion, to deceit and adversity, this movie precisely enacts the various issues women face. In the end, despite their different situations, they all come together to support each other, bonded by their experiences. Self-Actualization plays a huge role in For Colored Girls, being that each woman had to find herself and grow, in a way of feeling fulfilled and satisfied in their own skin, despite their flaws and situations.
Director Tyler Perry does a very good job of setting the tone and mood of this film, and he does so in the very first scenes (01:50-04:00). In these scenes, each woman began quoting one of the poems written by Ntozake Shange. This is also the first time we are introduced to the characters in the film. Film elements displaying the mood and tone of the film includes, the low-key lighting we see casted upon each woman, as they transition from each woman along with their corresponding lines from the poem. We can also notice, the establishing…

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