Seeker, What Have You Seen? Essay

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“Seeker, what have you seen?” the King asks in a serious tone.
The Seeker lifts back his hood. His eyes begin to glow. He stood briefly in a trance with a peaceful look on his face that was misleading from the words that he spoke. “Your majesty, the Shadow is indeed alive…but not for long.”
“Is this what you told, Prince Gabriel?”
The Seeker turns his head to Gabriel, flashing him an odd look.
“Seeker!” the king yells, bringing his attention back to him. “Did you speak to my brother before me? Did you share this prophecy with him?”
The tension in the room was thick enough to choke eight large Pacas to death.
The Seeker slowly spoke, in a low pitch tone, as though he was picking and choosing his words carefully. “I conversed with Prince Gabriel, and gave him the information he seeks.”
“Why wasn’t this brought to my attention?”
“Your grace, you had already left before I could speak with you. I just learn about your arrival, from Advisor Thomas.”
The king was not too pleased with his answer, but there were more pressing matters to focus on. “Thomas. Send a message to our man inside. Tell him, he doesn’t have much time.”
Gabriel quips with a smile as if the king’s own actions vindicated him. “I knew in time, you’d do things my way.”
“Gabriel, my actions, does not justify yours,” the king argues. “And the difference is; I didn’t do it to protect my crown; I did it to protect my family.”
The king’s words quickly eliminated the smile from Gabriel’s face. He knew exactly what…

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