Character Analysis Of Raymond Carver's Cathedral By Raymond Carver

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"This blind man, an old friend of my wife’s, he was on his way to spend the night" mentioned in paragraph 1, as Raymond carver begins, he introduces a jealous, unsatisfied, judgmental narrator that describes his wife 's friend by dehumanizing the man with labels that uphold his flaw.The narrator in "Cathedral" faces a line of tension because he enters a pathway that opens the short story with a viewpoint that cannot go past Roberts disability. Even though, his misunderstanding of the people and the relationships presented to him in this story which clearly shows his tragic flaw: while Robert is physically blind, it is the narrator who cannot clearly see the world around him. Although, Raymond Carver directs the story through a self-centered, …show more content…
This contains broken marriages financial problems and unsuccessful jobs that the characters dealt with, as well as lost of words that are unable to describe the emotions there were. The marriages between Robert and his wife, Beulah,every learn that they were unstoppable and cherished every moment together until she passed. On the other hand we learn that the narrator and his wife, are complete strangers to one another and is unhappy but the relationship they share Is unhappy.

As the narrator continues we begin to analysis the way he sees and comprehends the events inside the middle class house. The narrator’s prejudice and connections with the other characters makes him emotionally blind. As written in paragraph "His being blind bothered me," he said. "A blind man in my house was not something I looked forward to."

The narrator 's inability to see past Robert’s disability keeps him from seeing the reality of any relationship or person in the story. Even though, he admits that some of his knowledge are simply beyond his understanding, he is unaware that he is completely blind to the reality of the world. Through interaction with his wife 's blind friend Robert, his attitude and outlook on life
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Although, Robert was blind, which was constantly reminded throughout the entire story,he gave a seeing man eyes to become open minded and overlook him being prejudice. Towards the readers, Robert may seem to be an angel that opened the narrator mind to listen and eyes to see by letting Robert hold his hand to guide him back to enter he should be, the Cathedral. This would help him answer all of his problems and disconnect he

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