Sedentary Lifestyle Essay

Saja Alharbi
Exercise and Health Regular physical activity is the miracle cure that impacts on physical and mental health. People who usually exercise have a lower possibility to develop serious diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases. Moreover, they are more likely to live longer with a high self-esteem, sleep quality, energy. However, the technology nowadays has make lives easier, which also make people less active. This is called sedentary lifestyle. It is important to know the physical and mental effects of exercise to avoid sedentary lifestyle. Physical activity improves the vital functions, which will consequently prevent or delay chronic diseases such as heart diseases, stroke, obesity, and
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One of the most common advantage of exercise is reducing stress by increasing concentration of norepinephrine, chemical in the brain responsible to moderate response to stress (2). Endorphins is another chemical found in the brain which create feeling of happiness, it can be released because of exercise (1, 2). As a result, exercise is advised to people who are suffering from depression as it consider as antidepressant. As exercise shape the body, it will increase self-esteem and improve perception of a person to his or himself. In fact, as we getting older, our cognitive decline (2). Physical activity improves the brain against this by protecting hippocampus, region in the brain thought to be the center of memory and emotion (2). Many of studies have been show that people who doing exercises daily are happier and they less likely to go to psychiatric hospital (2, …show more content…
Absolutely, it has many adverse effects. A study shows that sitting for a long time watching TV rise possibility by 18% to get heart attack (3). In addition, it shows a comparison between a people who do exercises and people who they do not, and the result was as they predicted (2, 3). People who do exercises were more active in their works and also in their life activities. However, people who do not do exercises, suffering from sedentary life style, were too lazy and they have also heart problem (1). Unlike children, it is also more dangerous in adult because they are more likely to be inactive, specifically in Saudi Arabia. The reason for that could be the lack of motivation and places to walk. The weather is also another factor that contribute to sedentary life style (3). For example, when the weather is too hot, the people will lose their desire to walking because generally people hate sweating, even it is good for health (3). Another effects for sedentary life style is getting obesity, which also have many of negative consequences. So all of these adverse effects can be prevented by exercises, the best and the safest solution (2,

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