Essay on Security Services : Universal Protection Services

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The following is a request to replace our current Security Company, Allied Protection Security Services formally known as Universal Protection Services.

In September of 2013 IEHP purchased the Atrium building at 10801 6th Street, Rancho Cucamonga. IEHP contracted with Trigild Property Management services and the vendor Universal Protection Services (UPS) which they use to provide security service.

In March 2016, IEHP raised concern to property management regarding the security services it was receiving here at the Atrium. Trigild property management services responded by setting up a meeting between IEPH and Allied/UPS management staff to address the problem (i.e. lack of professionalism of their guards, lack of onsite and ongoing training of guards, and the high turnover guards within UPS).

IEHP Security Post Commander has been vacant since May 2016. The absencet of this position has required more of my attention and my time to be directly involved in the day to day security activities rather than overseeing their operations.more attention has been required of my time to be directly involved rather than overseeing. This has been evident with recent incidents which have occurred and recently that would look to the Post Commander to resolve and report to me. The Allied/UPS executive management staff has had plenty of opportunity to improve our perception of their services and organization, especially in terms of their guard’s services and competency. However, we…

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