Essay about Security Roles And Responsibilities Of Security

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Security as it is traditionally defined in organizations is one of the most pervasive problems that an organization must address. Rarely has there been an organizational issue, problem, or challenge that requires the mobilization of everyone in the organization to solve. (1) Security directors face various operational security challenges and issues in their mission to protect an organization’s assets. They must secure the organization in the face of increasing complexity, uncertainty, and interconnection brought about by an unprecedented reliance on technology to accomplish their mission. They must also stay mindful of the heavy hand of regulation as legislators discover the importance of security. A security director 's various professional responsibilities in today’s world, include loss prevention, investigation, administrative, and managerial functions and the critical skills that are required to accomplish the protective mission. The challenges that organizations must overcome to be successful in this environment, introduce ways in which a change in perspective might open an emerging mission-driven approach to security. The importance of a security director developing strong internal and external working partnerships to fully succeed in achieving the security department 's mission. This allows different partners to play into the security plan and provide associations that will promote a successful security operation.
Loss prevention; the most important areas of the…

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