Security And Payment In E-Business Analysis

Security and Payments: -
This part plays an important role in in E-business systems during an online transaction providing security is more important to that website and site should be user friendly. So, that it will increase the reputation of an organisation and more products will be sold and organisation can gain more profits. If you didn’t provide security to an E-business website customers may lose faith.
Here are few of the specifications for safe transactions.
Availability integrity and Confidentiality is also called as AIC triad is a model with three different elements that are designed as guidelines for information security in a federation. This design in the other way is also known as CIA triad nothing but Confidentiality, Integrity
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E-Business Marketing: -
E-Commerce is a type of business which mostly involve with online shopping. It involves the transfer of information over the internet by allowing customers to connect, exchange goods and services electronically all over the world. It is widely spread as people are showing interest towards them because of its low price for good products.
Customers are getting attracted to e-commerce sites because of wider variety of products with competitive costs than local stores and order can be placed by just a mouse click. E commerce online shopping owners believe that a eye catching, user friendly and effective cost are enough to bring customers to the online shopping site but they are more concerned about their online presence, web traffic control method and repeat purchases.
So, to meet the above requirements marketing of our online store should be done and it is nothing but e commerce marketing.
E-Commerce marketing is done by:
• Providing rank wise best search engines.
• Banner advertising in well known sites to people.
• Intimating present customers about offers, either done by mail or
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A business which needs to increase their sales cannot sit idle just by creating e commerce site but just had to market it in effective way.
E commerce marketing is full fledgy marketed to youth who lives in internet and the customers who are unaware of internet are less likely to purchase online until they had their first purchase.
The objectives of e-commerce marketing plan is
• Helping new visitors to find the website.
• Making visitors to customers.
• And planning strategy such a way that they should become repeated customers.
The customers trust on our site is important for increase in brand value so care should be taken there should not be any financial security breaches.
The e-commerce marketing goals includes:
• To meet the objectives of e commerce marketing you needs to build trust in new visitor by ratings and reviews
• Tempt with daily deals and discount coupons to make visitor to customer
• Drive repeat purchases with email.
• Unlimited display options like zoom, color swatch, view from all angles etc.
• Easy order processing from any device, now a day’s mobile advertising and smart watches advertise became best source to buy products.
• Accepting payments should be done without hassle and without security

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