Secrets In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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Topoi of revealed secrets occur in over twenty-five ANE sources, ranging from Sumer, Babylon, and Persia in the east to Egypt and Greece in the west. In the following subsection is three positive-revelation sources possibly holding a parent-child relationship with Second Temple writings. The second subsection contains two for negative revelation.

The three most likely sources for parent-child relationships are (1) the Ascent of Enmeduranki, (2) the Assyrian version of the Epic of Gilgamesh, and (3) the Tradition of Seven Lean Years in Egypt. Enmeduranki’s Ascent and the Gilgamesh Epic both originate in Sumer (although the Assyrian version of Gilgamesh holds interest here). The Seven Lean Years text is Egyptian and dates to the twenty-seventh
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The first is the well-known story of the Greek god, Prometheus. From Babylon, a land grant document contains elements of a negative revelation of secrets.
Aeschylus version registers as the most striking ANE source for his study. A Titan, Prometheus sided with the Olympians in the Titanomachy, but his later protection of humanity put Prometheus in opposition to Zeus. After a series of machinations, Zeus hid fire from humanity, but Prometheus found and restored it, and a second gift, hope:
The story continues thereafter with Prometheus admitting to giving humanity hope in line 252. This story has several similarities to the Watchers, including revealed secrets, a gift to humanity, and punishment from a deity for the gift. So, what have scholars written concering this
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The divinely-revealed secret council is for those people who fear Him. In context, the revelation is positive. Whoever fears God, by synonymous parallel, also knows and lives in covenant relationship with Him. The covenant reference implies promises of life, health, and protection, but the lack of explicitness on those promises makes any one-to-one connection with secrecy in 1 Enoch dubious. What remains is a generalized idea of secrets God shares with his righteous

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