Symbolism Of Romanticism In Prometheus, By Lord Byron

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In the poem “Prometheus” written by Lord Byron states a tale around Prometheus and how he committed a revolting offense against the God 's by providing humankind with fire. Lord Byron wants the reader to see Prometheus as an passionate character formed from a rebellious need to help the human race even if he suffers the God 's punishment. He causes the reader to want him to succeed and be freed from the Gods. By his expression, he romanticizes Prometheus and creates a hero for humankind to love and honor for the gift of fire even though he pays the price from Zeus. While man is viewed as independent, there is a known link connecting man to nature. The origins of Romanticism help to identify Lord Byron and his position when writing the poem …show more content…
Byron presents Prometheus as a immortal half God half Human, for stealing the fire, Zeus damned Prometheus to a life of pain. The fire represents the overthrow of the Gods and Prometheus’ challenging Zeus represents a challenge to the highest authority. The fact that what Prometheus did was successful gives evidence for a changing universe and a redistribution of power from the Gods to mankind. Men didn’t need Zeus control Prometheus endowed power from the Gods that truly scorn humankind. Lord Byron uses Prometheus as a symbol to fight for human liberty from the Gods control. Prometheus signifies as a reaction to the ideas in the Enlightenment and to Romanticism era. The fundamentals of Romanticism are evident as to Lord Byron’s personal view of power that gave value in individuals and the symbol of that independence within the …show more content…
After Prometheus doesn’t admit his pain or want Zeus forgiveness. Who truly holds the control between Zeus and Prometheus? Primarily, Prometheus is shown as the individual who has been wronged by Zeus. It is Prometheus who has increased power through his belief in self and humankind as a single person that has to defeat his foe, especially one with supernatural powers. Lord Bryon is trying to verify to the reader that the Gods principles are unreasonable and that the Gods are bullies who control with nervous hands because of the potential of humanity. Zeus gains desire for building things that can be destroyed but Prometheus’ attitude rubs off by giving them the strength to never fold even when you’re helpless. This is where Prometheus gains power over Zeus. While Prometheus is simply mortal to Zeus, he can foresee his destiny, which is death because Zeus cannot see his own fortune. Zeus demonstrates his uneasiness and fear that his sentence maybe reality. Here we see an exchange of power between Zeus and Prometheus. It is typical of the victory of the individual over an oppressed and directly compares a God and a

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