Secret Window Essay

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Mid Term
Crystal O’Leary
Prof Sconfienza
Sociology 100-501
March 12, 2012
Secret Window Mort Rainey is a writer he is going through a divorce. Mort is hiding out in a cabin in Tashmore Lake in upstate New York. One day while sleeping on the couch there is a knock at the door and when Mort goes to answer it there is a man standing there saying to him you stole my story Mort looks at him with sleepy eyes and says “I don’t know you and I did not steal your story.” Shooter tells him “you have three days to settle this,” Mort tells him “there is nothing to settle” tells his dog Chico to go inside closes the door. Next thing I see he is at the computer trying to write a book and also remembering when his wife found a secret window she
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Amy on the line telling him their house burned down! He goes to the city to see the damage the fire did, and who is waiting for but Amy and Ted her boyfriend he gets angry this has nothing to do with Ted so why is he here They have words and Mort leaves.
Next thing is they are sitting next to each other in the insurance office. Mort and Ted have words again this has nothing to do with Ted he is ask to leave that makes Mort happy for the moment. Ted is waiting for Mort outside and they have more angry words between each other Ted tries to hit Mort but he moves and Ted hits the window of the car instead. He is heading home and remembering how he found his wife and her lover in the hotel; you can see the angry and rage when he comes face to face with them.
Ken is calling on the phone he tells him that Mr. Greenleaf doesn’t remember seeing him or John Shooter talking, he tells Mort that he is coming back out to talk to Mr. Greenleaf again
and that he should come along, he tells him that they can meet at the café .This is really bothering Mort that no one has seen this man but him. He decides to go into town and see if the package that is

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