Second Class Life In The Titanic

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Register to read the introduction… People enjoying second class was who we would look at as middle class today; they were not filthy rich, but not dirt poor. Individuals you would observe in the second class were professors, authors, clergymen, and tourist. Second Class had the least amount of people in it (Archibald, 117). One of the most recognized survivors that were on board second class was Esther Hart; she was traveling with her husband and daughter to Canada. Esther said, before she arrived on board, “To call the ship unsinkable was to fly in the face of God” (“Second Class Life on Titanic”). The second class passengers also only enjoyed a three-course meal. They had a choice between four main courses and seven desserts. Roast turkey, curried chicken and rice, cheese biscuits, plum pudding, and wine jelly are examples of what a passenger would see on a second class menu (“Life Issues-The Titanic-The meals”). Cabins in the second class had bunk beds, similar to third class. Unlike first class, there were no private toilets, but there were sinks …show more content…
They were mostly immigrants coming to the United States for a better lifestyle. Third class was diverse nationalities and ethnic groups, the most of who were Irish, British and Scandinavian. They ate the simplest meals, which consisted of only one course. Foods that passengers would find on a third class menu would be soup, roasted pork, vegetables, and bread. This was their lunch while in the afternoon they would enjoy tea with beef and biscuits, and in the evening, coffee was served with soup and a biscuit (“Third Class Life on Titanic”). The cabins accommodated for the third class was the size of a large closet. They received a mattress with a feather pillow, and up to four people could be sharing the tiny room. They also received a sitting room and smoking room (“Third Class”). Sadly, barely anyone was saved from third class when the ship went under because they were to be the last people rescued as women and children of the first and second class were to be saved

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