Secession Final Decision Paper - Guadalupe County

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Secession Final Decision Paper – Guadalupe County

Guadalupe County has voiced their demands and the residents are in favor of secession and as their representative, the vote will be cast to secede. The citizens of Guadalupe County Texas have made this vital decision concerning the future of their state because they ultimately feel it is necessary for their wellbeing. The reasons that Guadalupe County residents have asked the vote for secession to be cast is because their basic needs are not being met. They at a minimum require domestic tranquility, protection of their property and the ability to continue to develop a strong economy; hence the need to maintain slavery.
The citizens of Guadalupe County are very concerned with domestic tranquility and the inability of the Union troops to protect them from the savages that come from the southern border of Mexico. In the declaration of causes, the citizens have even stated that the federal government has failed. The federal government has not been able to protect the lives or the property of Texas which does not allow the residents of Guadalupe County to have domestic tranquility. One large threat to their domestic tranquility comes from what they call Indian savages that live on their borders and more specifically the number of recent raids of banditti from the territory of Mexico.
The second topic of concern for the residents of Guadalupe County which is also at the forefront of the decision to secede is the neglect of…

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