Sebastian Vettel Research Paper

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The name may not sound familiar, but Sebastian Vettel is the best Formula One driver thats driving today. Surprisingly, he is the youngest person to do this kind of racing since it started back in 1950. Coincidently, Formula One racing is a lot like NASCAR except the cars look different. Now, it is a popular sport around the world but not as popular here in America and that’s why a lot of people here don’t know a lot about this fast paced sport. In the last three years, Sebastian has won four world championships and could own a fifth next year. Also, he started racing at the age of seven by driving in go-kart races. There are a lot of racing legends when it comes to Formula One, but Sebastian is in a league all his own. When
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kids with not enough experience – you do a good job and then they fuck it all up." (Webber)(2007). A video was uploaded later that week on Youtube showing that Lewis Hamilton (other F1 driver) actually caused the accident that night in the rain. The next four years seemed to be the years that Sebastian used to learn the tracks and the drivers because he had made some “rookie” mistakes, but Sebastian finally struck gold with his first Championship win in 2010.

The Reigning Champion
Lately the unstoppable force really has given other drivers a run for their money. Not only has Sebastian won the last three championship races, he just won his fourth this past summer. This 2013 season has been his best yet because he has won eleven races out of the seventeen, and in his seven most recent races, he has placed first. Now that Sebastian is technically the 2013 champion, does he have enough to become next years champion? No one has ever won more championship races than him, and this is big because not every day do we get to see someone make history. If he can race next year like he did this year, then it should be an exciting season of racing for F1 fans. Not only is he known for being the fastest on the track, but maybe next year someone can rid him from his throne. He is one of the few drivers I admire because he wants to win. Furthermore, Sebastian’s victories have sparked a rivalry between him and his Red Bull racing partner Mark Webber. Now,

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