Searching For Top Talent For The Tech Qualled Launchpad Academy

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Searching for Candidates
When searching for top talent for the Tech Qualled Launchpad Academy, I first looked through the Tech Qualled website for a snapshot of what a typical candidate looked like. I came across the section under “Employers” that describes what the typical veteran profile looks like. I noticed that roughly 90 percent of the profiles that employers should expect were officers and roughly 80 percent graduated from a military academy.
From there, I went on LinkedIn and used “Tech Qualled” in the keyword search. The keyword search allowed me to view the profiles of current and past candidates in the Account Executive Program. I wanted to ensure that I had a strong understanding of the type of candidate that is accepted into program.
With all this in mind, I first decided to focus my search in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, since I know that the last two weeks of the Launchpad Academy are onsite in Fort Worth, but also because I know that the tech industry is booming in that location. I believe that people living in the area would be more open to the opportunity of attending the training and the higher possibility of getting a job in the area. I used “seeking full time” as my keywords to narrow my search along with the list of braches and military academies for the companies and school fields respectively.
After searching through the profiles meeting all the criteria in that area and selecting the best ones, I focused my search in Austin, Texas area. Since the…

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