Sean Ritchie: How Does Suncity Paradise Benefit From Having An Internship Program: Analysis

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With bags of camera equipment in her hands, Joana Gerbi slid into the backseat of a London cab and prepared for her final video shoot.

She glanced out the streaked window, recollecting how familiar her surroundings had become in the past two months. Her American lifestyle had been replaced with narrow roads, an edgy cultural vibe, and upscale British cuisine.

In the 25-minutes it took to reach BNY Mellon, Gerbi brushed up on the company’s history and familiarized herself with the agenda of the video shoot.

The rhythmic, calming sound of the cab’s ticking indicator meant that Gerbi had reached her destination. She crawled out of the small cab and stared at the towering building in front of her.

With little time, she followed her supervisor
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What kind of contributions to the interns make?

State of the United States Economy and Job Prospects for College Graduates
Since the recession of 2008, the United State economy has shown significant progress. During his final State of the Union address in Jan. 2016, President Barack Obama referred to the U.S. economy as the “strongest, most durable economy in the world.”

White House officials substantiated the president’s comment by referencing the countries gross domestic product (GDP), which represents the sum of all economic activity. The United States GDP has increased 9.7 percent since the first quarter of 2008, twice as fast as that of the increase of industrialized countries according to data collected by Haver Analytics.

In recent months, the United States has witnessed substantial employment growth. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the creation of 242,000 jobs in Feb. 2016 and 215,000 in March 2016.

The national economy is slowly improving, yet it has not reached its highest potential according to business professors at Ramapo
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Cohen, however, assesses the state of the job market from a different point of view.

“In the real standpoint, when I look at the 66 companies that were at the business career fair and the 15 companies that were on the waitlist to get in to the fair and couldn’t because we didn’t physically have the venue, I don’t think there is quite as much struggle at the bottom as economic numbers would necessarily project,” said Cohen.

Life After Ramapo College
Seeking employment in other countries is a possibility for Gerbi, given her diverse Mediterranean background. Returning to Greece, however, is questionable.

“The language barrier is a bit of a problem. I used to know how to speak it, but when I learned English I mainly forgot most of it,” said Gerbi. “If there was a position for me, that would be good. But their economic stance isn’t great and I know family struggling to get jobs, so it probably wouldn’t be the most ideal.”

As Gerbi prepares to walk in May, she is still deciding what titles and positions to target in the workforce. While it remains difficult to pinpoint a career in such a broad field, Gerbi is certain that she wants to be in a position that bridges the business aspect with

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