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System Development Life Cycle
In the present booming economic environment every organization plans to expand and develop quick system and encase economic boom, as soon as possible.
This requires a process which can quickly develop new systems, in lesser time with lesser cost.
This presentation will focus on the process of how to achieve the development goal.
We are talking about the development of a system or business so first we should understand what development is: -
“System Development” refers to the process of – * Examining a business situation, * With the intent of improving it, * Through better procedures and methods. System Development is having two major components in it *
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* APPROVALS from all the participants of the Development (i.e. Users, Managers, Analyst and Auditors). * TESTING OF SYSTEM thoroughly prior to implementation to ensure that it meets user’s needs. * TRANNING of user who will operate the new system. * POST IMPLEMENTATION REVIEW for effectiveness and efficiency of new system
System Development Life Cycle In an organization System Development Object can be achieved by following steps:

1. Preliminary Investigation Whatever may be the reason of a request submitted by the Users or Managers to the IS department a system analyst is assigned to make a preliminary investigation. The objective of this activity is to review all requests and identify those proposals that are most beneficial to the organization. But this should be noted that this is neither a designed study nor it includes collection of details to completely describe the business system. Preliminary Investigation object can be achieved in following steps: I. II. Request Clarification III. Feasibility study IV. Estimating Costs and Benefits V. Request Approvals

i) Request Clarification * Defining the Scope and Objective of Request: * As mentioned in the objectives of System development objective earlier, an analyst has to define for which objective a request for development is submitted. * Conducting the Investigation * This is nothing

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