Scrooge And His Moral Dilemma Essay

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Scrooge and His Moral Dilemma It could be argued that Charles Dickens meant to raise aristocratic awareness for England’s poor and the plight they suffered when he wrote “A Christmas Carol” in 1843. The main character, Ebenezer Scrooge, has no warmth in his soul and seems to care only for himself and his money. As the story unfolds, Scrooge prepares to close his counting house on the evening of
Christmas Eve. He nastily declines an invitation from his nephew for the Christmas meal the next day and voices his dismay at having to give his only employee, Bob Cratchit, the day of
Christmas off. Scrooge wishes to pass the evening and Christmas day, in peace and quiet, alone. Just before leaving his counting house on that Christmas Eve, Scrooge had been visited by two well-meaning gentlemen who only intended to ask Scrooge for a donation to help the poor.
One of the men kindly explained that it was at this time of the year when the poor were suffering and were in great need of basic comforts. Scrooge scowled and asked “are there no prisons?” and
“the Treadmill and Poor Law are in full vigour, then?” (18). It was during this time in Victorian
England that the poor were left to seek out their existence in prisons and work in
Donofrio 2 brutal factory conditions just to stay alive. For some, going to prison was their only means of being fed. Dickens was able to show how selfish and cold-hearted Scrooge was as he was so blunt to point out that the poor were still able to survive in…

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