Scotty Cameron Research Paper

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Like most golfers, Scotty Cameron, a curious Californian kid, was born into golf. His father, an avid golfer, breathed the game. During adolescence, Scotty began making strides in his newfound talent, producing handmade golf putters, alongside his father, "in their garage workshop." By age 11, he could develop a putter, scratch to play ready unaccompanied. Don Cameron, Scotty's father, told Scotty, "Stick with the game of golf, Scotty. I think you have a future,” shortly before passing. Scotty, a high school freshman at the time, assumed this meant becoming a professional golfer. Conversely, Scotty's interpretation of his father's final words demonstrated to be faulty, particularly because of his below average putting.

Ultimately, Scotty began unlocking the meaning of the words his father had said to him years ago. His talented craftsmanship was turned into a career, fabricating putters for dominant golf equipment companies. As intrigue for the masterminds artwork sprouted, Scotty and wife Kathy established "Cameron Golf International," which climbed staggering heights when PGA Tour legend Bernard Langer concluded his 1993 Masters Campaign with the Green Jacket on his back and trophy in hand, all accomplished a Scotty Cameron putter.
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Cameron announced to combine forces with Titleist, allowing for the creation of Scotty Cameron Golf, giving his team unlimited resources. Scotty Cameron Golf began to plow through the adversaries. As a result, the ravishing victories of Tiger Woods in 1996 & 1997 asserted Scotty Cameron Golf into the standard for golf putters. Scotty Cameron Golf began to collaborate with golf's enormous superstars. In all, thousands of professional golfers worldwide have used Scotty Cameron

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