Scientific Merit Essay

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Scientific Merit
Sharon Morrow


Introduction The study discussed in this paper is attempting to determine if there is a connection between age and gender and these individuals’ well-being and satisfaction as it relates to their job. This study included both men and women of various ages, various educational differences, and of various work or job positions within the corporate and industrial realms. This study is a quantitative study that investigates an avenue to develop a plausible explanation for the connection between age and gender and these individuals’ job well –being and satisfaction. In addition, the study looks for this connection to be a generalized concept that can relate to other individuals in other
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In addition, another focus of these previous studies was to examine the discrimination factor as it related to gender and age. This component of past research considered discrimination of older employees versus younger employees. These past studies have been fundamental in laying the groundwork for this topic of study. The study that is associated with this paper, “Workplace well – being: Gender and age: Examining the double jeopardy effect” (2002), further develops and broadens the previous endeavors on the subject of understanding how age and gender affect the well-being and job satisfaction by investigating how age affects the factors alone without regards to race, socioeconomic, or other facets that could be associated. As an effort to fill a gap left by previous research studies, this research devotes the study to examine the age factor in conjunction with gender to develop a study that expands previous studies. “The double jeopardy hypothesis was originally developed by examining sex and race but this study expands work previously done on the subject by looking into age instead of race. It also expands work on subjective well-being at work by analyzing job-related affective well-being and job satisfaction as indicators of

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