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Macomb Community College

Winter 2016 Semester

Course: BIOL 1400 Nutrition, Section: S1603
Instructor: Amber M. Samuel Textbook: Grosvenor, Visualizing Nutrition, Third Edition WileyPLUS Custom Course Website:
Location/Times: South Campus, Warren; MW: Rm B 206, 10:00am-11:25am
Start Date: Jan, 11, 2016
Last Day of Class: May 11, 2016
Instructor Contact Information: Office Hours: 30 minutes after class, MW Cell Phone: (810) 656-8943 E-Mail: Instructor Professional Biography: Schooling:
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I will post the PowerPoint lectures to Canvas as soon as our course shell is available (I recommend if you wish to print them, select the option to print 3-4 slides per page.) Please keep in mind that these PowerPoints are useful, but should not take the place of attending lecture. Those that don’t attend lecture tend to do poorly in the class.

Lecture Exams I will be assessing your knowledge over the course material by giving 5 tests, worth 100 points each. These tests will include material presented in lecture, covered in the book, and talked about during discussion. Material in the book that is not covered in lecture is also fair game, since our time spent together does not permit me to go into detail on every topic in the chapters we will be covering. You must bring a scantron and #2 pencil to class on exam days. The format of these unit exams includes, but not limited to, multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching, and short essay. For justifiable reasons only, and only if I am notified in advanced (i.e. surgery, hospitalization, funerals, etc.) I will allow 1 exam to be made up, which must be done so within 1 week of the missed exam; furthermore, you must contact me, either by phone or email, to schedule a make-up time.

Label Assignment
On the first day of week 2, you must

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