Science And The Modern World Essay

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Nowadays, people always rely on science technology, even though. Many people still do not understand what science really means to them. What is science? In the modern world, science plays a major role in shaping one’s view of the universe and himself. Many people know that science contains several areas, such as chemistry, physics and biology. Although there are different types of science, all science involves some form of observation or experiment, and some sort of theorising about how to explain the evidence collected. Science is one of the most effective ways to help us understand the natural world. In addition, science help us to discover what is in the universe and how does science work at the past till now. It helps scientists to know how they worked in the past and help to predict how they would work in the future. For example, the continental drift theory. Science has been changing every aspect of human’s lives in every centuries. In this essay, it has been chosen question one to be answered. This essay explains the model of science and how the main developments in the theory of continental drift correspond to the model. The process of science involves several layers which have been used in the model of science in every centuries. The model of science involves, testing ideas with evidence and theorising. The process of science involves many layers of complexity, but the key points of that process are straightforward.

The above diagram explains how science…

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