Science And Religion : A Modern Secular Religion Essay

999 Words Oct 22nd, 2014 4 Pages
Science and religion pursue knowledge of and orient ourselves within the universe, each through different methodologies. Science utilizes reason, empiricism, and evidence to analyze and describe a phenomenon. On the other hand, religion is characterized by revelation, faith, and sacredness as a means to create values and truth that establish reality—things that cannot be proven. In his article, Economics as Religion: From Samuelson to Chicago and Beyond, Robert H. Nelson describes economics as a modern secular religion, providing a source of social legitimacy (Nelson). While Nelson makes valid points, economics more closely fits into the category of a science than that of a religion. Science is a method of controlling and understanding changes through the discovery of fundamentals. Similarly, most people would agree that economics is a way of understanding changes and patterns in the economy. Scientific inquiry follows a generalized scientific method, a structured way of investigating and explaining the world by formulating and testing hypothesis, to study, analyze, and explain natural phenomena. This is obvious in the “hard sciences” such as physics and chemistry, but is equally as applicable to more practical, social sciences, such as psychology, sociology, and most importantly for this argument, economics. By following the scientific method, economists seek to identify and explain the basic laws of the economic world, based on interpreting facts and evidence.…

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