SCI207 WEEK 2 QUIZ Essay

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Question : 1
Which of the following is an environmental concern of genetically engineered crops mentioned in your text?
Genetically modified crops lead to larger applications of toxic herbicides and insecticides. The genetic modification of crops increases soil erosion while decreasing soil fertility. Genetic engineering is less precise than traditional methods of crossbreeding. CORRECT Genes from genetically modified crops may transfer to non-genetically modified crops. INCORRECT All of the above are environmental concerns of genetically engineered crops.
2. Question :
What is the central theme of “The first green revolution” section in Chapter 3.1 of your text? The green revolution
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All of the above are environmental impacts of conventional agriculture.
Question 6. Question :
Which of the following statements about ground water is not true, according to your text Underground aquifers hold approximately 99% of all the liquid fresh water. More than 75% of underground water has a replenishment time of centuries or more, making it non-renewable. Increased water withdrawal from underground aquifers makes them more susceptible to droughts. Depletion of ground water may lead to land compaction that in turn decreases its ability to store water. CORRECT All of the statements about ground water are true.
Question 7. Question :
What statement best summarizes the approach being used to clean up the Jordan River discussed throughout Chapter 5.5 of your text? Teams of governmental officials are utilizing specialized filtration techniques to clean the polluted water and restore the river. CORRECT Nonprofit groups are working to educate river communities about the value of the river and persuade national leaders to adopt measures that will revitalize the area. Citizen groups from multiple countries are working together to remove debris from the river and propose a ban on local pollutants. An international ban on agricultural development within one mile of the river is being proposed as a means of reducing runoff pollution in the region.

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