Schools Are Influenced By Society Essay

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Schools are influenced by society. By observing schools in America, the structure of our society is revealed. When it is observed, it is evident that our society is racist. Racism is the belief that one race is inferior to the other. It can be expressed through blatant statements and actions, but it is evident in our society through the way that it is structured. In our society, minorities are oppressed in the educational system. They are not given equal opportunity, and their culture and experiences are not as important as the dominant culture. Therefore, they aren’t as likely to succeed in our society, or to achieve the same success that white people achieve. If they do, it is because they worked incredibly hard to overcome the obstacles that are placed to prevent minorities from succeeding. Minorities are affected by racism from the moment they are born, and throughout their lives.
Minorities do not have the same opportunities as white families do. This inequality takes effect when the child is eligible to enter preschool. Poor children, which are commonly minorities, do not have the opportunity to attend a preschool that would provide them with a backbone to their future schooling. Consequently, they are not prepared to compete with other students that have had one or two extra years of school. Children are then separated into different tracks according to their abilities (which is extremely unfair to the students that were not given extra instruction). Jeannie Oakes…

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