Essay on School Psychology Of The University Of Athens

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I met Athina as a postgraduate student of the Specialization Programme in School Psychology of the University of Athens. One of her first accomplishments was her outstanding performance in statistics at the entry written examinations. She demonstrated similar diligence in all her subsequent academic duties. This postgraduate programme consists of three parts. The completion of 18 semester courses, the supervised practical training (placements) of 800 hours total duration and a research thesis completion. Athina, performed with great competence in all courses achieving excellent grades. I had the pleasure to meet her as my student at the courses I teach, “Special topics of School Psychology” and “Psychology of persons with Deviant Behaviour” with duration one semester each. During my courses she completed and presented essays entitled: “Educational Psychologists Role Specification-Principles for Professional Ethics” and “A School-Based Intervention for Adolescents living in Divorced Families”. Athina was particularly interested in the field of delivering effective therapeutic interventions to children facing emotional-behavioural difficulties. She was also interested in issues related to parental involvement in their children education, and the enhancement of parent-teacher collaboration. She completed all her deliverable assignments showing excellent writings skills in an appropriate academic style. Moreover, she demonstrated remarkable intellectual abilities, in critical…

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