Essay on School Meals Are Important For Students

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Sitting in class, stomach rumbling, time is ticking, and finally the bell rings. Everyone in class immediately rushes out of classroom and lines up for lunch and recess. Students are able to relax with their friends over their meal, giving them an energy boost to carry on with the rest of the school day. But have students actually take the time to examine what they are eating? Today in American society, there are many students who are or becoming overweight due to the food that is provided for students at school. Out of the three meals of the day, students make their own choices on what they eat during their lunch time. School meals are provided with a great quantity of sugar and saturated fat, which is the reason why there is such a great amount of obese children in American schools. Although school meals are important for students it is also the biggest cause of obesity across America because of their food and nutrient intake, lack of exercise, and influential factors.
Healthier school food provide students the nutrition they need in order for them to have a strong foundation for their healthy lifestyle, especially children at a young age. But in order to do so, schools should provide their children the right meals for their students. According to National School Lunch Program, school food must contain a certain amount of nutrients for their students. A typical American school lunch consists of high-fat and low-fiber in its food. Greasy pizza, deep-fried chicken nuggets,…

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