School Lunch Policies For Children And Parents Essay examples

2021 Words Nov 15th, 2016 9 Pages
When the first school lunch policies were put into place in 1946, many celebrated their implementation. They praised that their children would be offered a nutritious and filling lunch to help them improve their academic outcomes. As years passed, however, there have been changes made to these original policies which have gotten away from the policies’ original intentions. These newer policies have caused unrest among students and parents.
Today’s policies implemented by the government have been aimed more to combat the problem of childhood obesity. They are, in fact, are having the adverse effect on the students. My personal experiences with school lunch policies have helped me establish the position that they are pushing students more towards unhealthy food choices with their selective menus, and are not able to teach the students effectively about their intentions.
The policies are not effective because some schools are not fully implementing all the components of the policies. “Some schools may find it daunting to implement all the components of a CSHP [Coordinated School Health Program] and amy opt to initiate the model by addressing a few priority components” (Cho and Nadow 422). This partial implementation is much like putting together a model plane. The main parts of the plane are included: the wings, body, tail, and cockpit, but the details of the model are missing. It is easy to identify that it is a plane, but the specification of the plane is not…

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