School Bullying And Bullying Among Young People Essay examples

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School bullying has been around for centuries, before any of us were even born, before even our grandparents’ birth. One can find it throughout history; either because of social class or race. However there was no data or records before the late 1800s when, “The first significant journal article which addressed bullying among young people was written by Burk (1897)”. (Hyojin Koo) As you can tell from the information, school bullying is being studied as a more recent topic; even though it has been around for a significant amount of time. It’s everywhere and anywhere. And everyone is trying to find different ways to combat school bullying and stop it. Even our own city of Los Angeles is currently fighting school bullying, which is a huge issue to this day. Some might say that school bullying has become a side issue; since so many programs have been implemented to stop it. However, studies have shown that, “most schools do not track whether their anti-bullying programs have made campuses any safer and that schools are inconsistent in how they record and resolve bullying incidents.” (Jane Meredith Adams) These facts are supported by another study done in 2015 that shows, “One in three California middle school and high school students reported having been harassed or bullied at least once in the previous year.” (Jane Meredith Adams) Personally, I know these studies to be true because I have been a victim in the past and I know others who are current victims.…

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