Essay Schindler 's List Of The Holocaust

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The Holocaust had been a huge impact in our lives today because for most, it is difficult to comprehend how one man, Adolf Hitler, could manipulate many to commit horrible crimes against all Jews. The film Schindler’s List shows us in depth details of the inhumane treatment of many Jews but also of what Oskar Schindler did for some Jews, and how he manage to save their lives. This film helps the viewers to see a new perspective of those German men, who brainwashed to kill, but open us up to be more open-minded and realize that not everyone wanted to obey these rules and cause harm to the Jews. Through this film, we can apply many of concepts that were expressed in the book Cultural Psychology, and try to understand the motivations behind the German actions, how culture and religion were of influence, and what they based their morality and justice on during these horrible acts. Schindler’s List is just one of the many stories of the tragedies that the Jewish experienced during the World War II and how this man helped to save their lives. Through the beginning of the film, Oskar Schindler seems to be a man of greed, whose only care was money, woman, and sex. Although he was a part of the Nazi, he was much more interested in making money, and gaining all profit. He bought a factory were he decided to hire Jews to work for him, and that is where his communication began. He began getting to know family and workers personally, which is when I assume, he saw more to life than…

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