Scene By Scene Breakdown Analysis

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In the world of one-pagers, beat sheets, drafts and synopsis. Scene by scene breakdowns can get lost in the shuffle. Writers often forget about this process altogether, which is a huge mistake on their part. Scene by scene breakdowns are a writer’s trump card, as they benefit from this process in countless ways. Perhaps the most common reason for skipping the scene by scene breakdown process is simply because not everyone has a clear definition, or idea of what it actually is. The unfortunate fact is that many rules that regard on how to format a scene by scene breakdown aren’t cut and dry, and taking on a project without guidelines can seem daunting for anyone who wishes to take it on.

In much the same way as an artist first sketches his
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As explained above, a scene by scene breakdown is a document that outlines, in detail, the entire plot of the story from the dialogue all the way to the character’s actions. So by the writer having a completed, well thought out scene by scene breakdown of the show at their disposal while writing the screenplay. He or she doesn’t have to worry or constantly think about “what comes next?” or “what will the next scene be about?” like they would be doing if they didn’t have a scene by scene breakdown and just started writing the screenplay first. This can not only create some problems in the story, but also increase the amount of time the writer will spend writing the script. By having the scene by scene breakdown in hand the writer can use it as a direct reference when writing the script, making the screenplay easier and faster to write, and allowing the writer to focus on the complexities of clever dialogue, detail action sequences and basically executing the story properly so that it will be a breeze to read …show more content…
Meaning that the writer can experiment, fix and make tons of changes to the story to the scene by scene breakdown without the pressure of writing or rewriting the actual screenplay itself. The reason these scene breakdowns can be used as a working draft that can be edited is because unlike a screenplay, it is much easier to make changes and tweaks the story in a scene breakdown for a number of reasons. The first reason is that it has less pages and technicalities, and the second reason is that in the scene by scene break down the writer can see the effect of his or her changes throughout the story easier than he or she would if making the changes in the screenplay. So once the writer has done all his or her changes to the story: for personal or production company reasons. The writer can use the scene by scene breakdown to inspect whether his or her changes or edits in the story flows properly and has no plot holes. When the writer and the production companies are happy with the story, the screenplay can be written with no worries, because with the help of the breakdown the writer knows if the changes made a negative impact on the

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