Scarlet Ibis Character Analysis

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In the story called Scarlet Ibis, There are two main characters, Doodle and Brother. Doodle is a cripple kid that is around 7 years of age, and Brother is about one year older than him. Doodles only calls him that so I am not too fond of his brothers real name. Anyway, Brother is ashamed of having a crippled brother and will not take it. What Doodles brother does is pretty astonishing. He teaches him how to walk once again, so he won’t be ashamed of him anymore. Brother only ever says that he is doing for himself. which I really don’t understand and find quite selfish of him to do. He should be doing it for both of them, along with their family. Brother doesn’t want to tell his parents until doodle he can actually walk. So they decides to tell him on …show more content…
Both started to run back, Brother leaving Doodle behind. He heard Doodle yelling for him to slow down and wait, he only sprung and ran faster. And this is where Doodle dies. So do I think it is the narrator's fault that doodle died, yes and no. Yes, because he had just completely just abandoned him when he he had needed him the most. He also heard him and started to run faster meaning he had must of wanted him dead for some reason. And no, because, all the had been through, brother must've had a good enough heart to love him and help him miraculously walk again. That is Something not very many people, for example their parents were just gonna let him be like that for the rest of his life and just go along with it. The relationship that Doodle's brother has toward him is tough love.
I think the story would have been way different is doodle was able to walk. The narrator would have a neutral relationship from the start. He would have most likely went back for him when that storm had happened. Then again I am only assuming all of this. But that is what i think would’ve happened if Doodle just wasn’t crippled. Not saying it is his fault that he is. Anyway, these are my

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