Scandal Is A Drama / Thriller Show Created By Shonda Rhimes Essay

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Scandal is a drama/thriller show created by Shonda Rhimes. It was created in 2012 and the network used for the show is ABC. The show has five seasons and 78 episodes. The show is about a woman who starts off as being a whiter house communications director ends up leaving the white house and starting her own crisis management. Olivia Pope is one of the main characters and she is known as the “problem fixer.” If there is ever a problem she is the first one you go to so your problem can be solved. She has a team that works for her that she has saved one point in their life and they are all down for her. Huck is a hacker who deals with a lot of technical work for Olivia, Quinn has a lot of issues of her own and she aids to Olivia. When the show first started Olivia had three other staff members as well. Harrison ended up dying, Abby went to work for the white house and Stephen went to live in another country. The show gets complicated because Olivia was tied to the white house still even though she stopped working with them. Olivia and the president were having an affair and he fell in love with her. She also helped in everything and anytime the white house is having issues they call her for help. Olivia and her team has went far as to rigging the election and helping the president win. Everyone has some type of secret that will come back and hunt them at one point in the show. Olivia Pope and her staff get a new client every episode and most of the clients are tied to the white…

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