Saving Private Ry The Battle Of Normandy Essay

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The Battle of Normandy was key for the allies success in France. The Allies landed on the Normandy beaches on June 6th, 1944 and had major issues moving off the boats, moving into the mainland of Normandy and then onward to Paris. The Allies initially had the element of surprise because of D-Day however once the landings had occurred, that changed as the Germans then knew what their plan was, to push inland and not to be in Pays de Calais. The deception of D-Day originally worked very well, however, post June 6th the Germans knew
PRIMARY SOURCE 1 exactly where to place their forces. Normandy was full of difficulties for the Americans. Deployed were 150,000 ground troops jammed onto hundreds of small landing crafts
PRIMARY SOURCE 2 (LCVP’s) as seen in primary source 1.

From source 2 we can see that the allies landed at 5 different locations in France, codenamed Juno, Sword, Gold, Utah and Omaha. At some of the locations, there were high chances of getting on to the beach. But at Omaha, this was not the case. For many of the American soldiers in the landing craft, the moments before the ships doors would open would be their last. This was because the ships came all the way up to the beach. The troops could hear the bullets hitting the door waiting for them to come out. The german’s machine guns were switched to a mode called ‘FCL’ - final coordination line, putting as much machine gun fire to those doors so when they…

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