Gen Patton Characteristics

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It was December of 1942, hundreds of men stormed a beach and over took it with little casualties. With the smell of blood and gunpowder in the air, a Higgins boat pulls drives up from the Atlantic Ocean and parks in just feet of water. The door slams down into the water and LT Gen George S. Patton steps out and on to the beach of Morocco, North Africa and the cheers of his men ring out.

Visionary Leader
When I think of the definition of a visionary leader, General Patton immediately comes to mind. I could sit up here and talk for hours on all the war stories of Gen Patton, but I am going to limit it to late 1944. And cover some topics from that specific time to describe why I feel that he meets the qualifications as a visionary leader. Then I will compare my own traits with some that he had sown. Gen Patton was an extremely motivational individual, so therefore he can best be described as having a transformational
…show more content…’s Staff “General Patton was harder on himself and more demanding on himself than anyone of his subordinates.”
Gen Patton was all about integrity, winning the war and caring for his people. In The SNCOA student guide defines the Three Ps as Principle: Truth telling and honor, Purpose: Mission accomplishment and duty, People: Fellow citizens, Airmen, Soldiers. I think I have already an example of his integrity.
Gen Patton was a war machine by studying all war history, when a situation occurs on the battlefield, somewhere in that knowledge there will be a similar example. By using this technics he captured over 10,000 miles. From extra boots to extra food Gen Patton took great care of his men. He felt a personal and deep responsibility for all of the lives of the men in his

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