Save It For A Rainy Day Essay

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Save It for a Rainy Day For both men and woman the aftermath of a break up can be very hard. After a break up most individuals often dwell on it and just want to be left alone. In the song “Save it for a Rainy Day” Andrew M. Dorff and Kenny Chesney convey a positive attitude about break ups. Dorff and Chesney demonstrate this positive attitude through tones that are ambitious, enthusiastic, and encouraging. If we exam “Save It for a Rainy Day” using setting, character, and repetition, we can demonstrate this positive attitude.
Setting is located in almost every song. “The setting is the environment in which a story or event takes place; setting can include specific information about time and place, or can simply be descriptive” ( Setting plays a big role in this song by creating a mood for the listener. The song conveys a positive tone as the setting changes. In the song Chesney states “waking up alone/ just me and the TV and/ a sinking feeling / that you aint coming home” (Chesney 2-4) to illustrate a sad and lonely state to the listener. In the song his home represents the weight of the break up. Any individual in this situation would be trying to get away from all the memories a relationship has. Even though an individual’s home is his or her sanctuary, in this case, the feeling of sadness make and individual feel as his or her home is a dark hole. Furthermore, this caused the character in this song to leave his or her home. Very quickly…

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