Sarcoma Case Study

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I was diagnosed with a very rare type of soft tissue sarcoma (cancer) on my head in Nov. 2011 at the age of 15. I had two major scalp surgeries to remove the cancer itself in January and February 2012, along with two other surgeries to reconstruct my scalp in summer 2014. My parents and I were scared, but we knew that we were in the knowledgeable hands of surgeons at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. My parents and I were completely shocked when we found out I had cancer. We were all in denial for a few weeks after the initial diagnosis because I had no symptoms whatsoever, other than a little bump on my head the size of a pencil eraser. Furthermore, two doctors had previously told us that it was a cyst and that we should not be concerned. My parents were both really strong during this whole ordeal because they didn’t really show their fear to me, even though …show more content…
If we did not have said insurance, it would have been much more challenging to find affordable treatment. The last protective factor that positively affected the outcome of this experience was the fact that I have amazing parents who were willing to do anything they could to help me, and that took my diagnosis seriously. I highly doubt that any parent would ignore a child’s diagnosis of cancer, but who knows… it could happen! Doing so would be an example of neglect, or not meeting the basic needs of the child (as discussed in class). Oppression can be defined as ‘unjust or cruel exercise of authority or power’ ( Oppression was not a factor due to my family’s socioeconomic status. Because we are an upper-middle class family, we have more economic resources and thus more choices in terms of what institutions to go to meet our needs. The members of the middle and upper classes dominate over the working and lower (poor) classes in American

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