sandel Essay

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What Role Do Markets Play In Society? Money can buy food, dresses, heels and gorgeous weddings. However, what can’t be bought by money? The answer to this question would be health, confidence, ability, love and a lot of other things we have for our own that can’t be valued by money. To me, money is a thing. It is something that we can change for the stuff we want with. In the society now, it’s like everything can be valued by money. People with money can even buy position, children and women. Without knowing it, the society seems like being drifted from a market economy to a market society. Nevertheless, is it non-dangerous for a market economy changing to a market society? …show more content…
Lives are valuable and priceless. Those definitely can’t be valued by money. However, if the society becomes a market society where everything can be up to sale, this kind of situation can’t be avoided. In Sandel’s What Money Can’t Buy, he first proclaimed that nowadays, there are certain things that money can’t buy. And he gave us several examples to illustrate that nearly everything today is up for sale, like a prison cell upgrades. Then he showed us what the era of market triumphalism is, the reason that happened and the solutions to it. After this, Sandel pointed out that there are two reasons for us not to put everything up for sale are inequality and corruption of markets. Sandel told us that when we need to rethink the role of markets, we would meet two obstacles which are puzzling and the dangerous state of public discourse. Then he used 5 chapters separately to talk about the morality of markets when people trying to buy the head of queue, paying kids for good grades and so on. In each chapter, there are several stories. For example, in the second chapter which Sandel talks about incentives, he argued that there is no objections to children being paid for higher scores, but most people think that’s shameful. Sandel also gave a speech in Harvard once about the Justice. In the video, Sadel asked a question-what’s the right thing to do. And in the video, he made a clear statement if it would be wrong to kill one person to save five

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