Sample T Test : A Positive Impact On Reading Essay

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One Sample T-Test:
As proven by the one sample t-test (Figure 1) where the true mean of the difference of history chapter pages read is the unknown variable, there is significant statistical evidence at the standard 0.05 alpha value that listening to music while reading or studying increases scope of study. Because the t-value is positive, it is reasonable to note that listening to one’s favored music has a positive impact on reading larger quantities. 95% of all samples of differences in pages of history books read taken will have a mean between 0.1101 and 1.9055. Since both numbers are positive, that only substantiates the fact that favored music has a beneficial impact on reading. Hence, the null hypothesis that µ=0 must be rejected in favor of the alternative hypothesis, µ does not = 0.

Although a correlation is shown between an expanded scope in the amount of pages read to study for a test and the presence of one’s favored music, this does not make music wholly beneficial to more productive studying. This portion only proves that listening to music helps students study more in a shorter period. The other major factor in studying for a test, comprehension, must be taken into account. Furthermore, exactly what factors play the largest part in determining the extent of the increase or decreases in pages read must be determined as well.

Boxplot Analysis:
When put adjacent to each other, the boxplots (Figure 1) reveal much about the categorical variables that most impact…

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