Sample Resume : The Medical Program Assistant ( Cna ) Internship At Porter 's And Craig 's Hospital

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My parents emigrated from Vietnam empty handed each leaving their family behind, in hopes to follow their dreams and seek opportunities. Despite knowing English when they arrived, they worked long hours at factories and grocery stores for minimum wage. They met each other and started a family, but neither of them could pursue further education. For this reason, they supported my brothers and me, in hopes we would have a successful future. They have become my motivation to further my education.
During high school, I was never sure of where and what I wanted to do in the future. I participated in different fields such as the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), computer/engineering clubs and joined multiple sports, but most importantly my enrollment in the medical prep program further my interest in the healthcare system. The program allowed me to gain classroom and clinical experiences. During my certified nursing assistant (CNA) internship at Porter’s and Craig’s hospital, I worked with rehabilitation and trauma patients. Reading and learning patient 's diagnosis allowed me to understand their conditions. Working in-direct contact with patients and staffs grew on me. I remember Angel, my patient saying to me, “things happen for a reason and you can either lose to it or fight it.” It was true because she did not let disability define her, but instead she used her disability to shape her future. To see the strength and courage of each individual patient has helped me…

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