Sample Resume : Rental Homes Essay

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Rental homes really only need to be painted every four or five years. In between tenants, a good cleaning and a good once-over with the Magic Eraser will take care of most of the scuffs that the walls endure. But when you do repaint, what color should you reach for—your favorites? White? Trendy colors?

Experts say no. In fact, if you learn a little about the psychology of color, you can use the touch up in your favor and maybe even get your rental property rented faster. Here are the basics:

• Green: Health, tranquility, money, nature.
• Purple: Royalty, health, success, wisdom.
• Pink: Calming, love, romance.
• White: Purity, innocence, empty, spacious.
• Brown: Reliability, practicality, boredom, Earth.
• Orange: Excitement, enthusiasm, warmth, caution.
• Black: Evil, death, slimming, mourning.

These associations have been created by our environments, our experiences and have a psychological history of producing these emotions and feelings. Keep in mind a room doesn’t have to be Kelly green or apple red to produce these effects. There are many shades of white that have just hints of color to them, enabling you to make use of the effects these colors produce while being able to keep your space neutral overall.

Avoid color combinations that invoke a particular flag or country to avoid negative or stereotypical associations with that country or culture. Use colors that are gender neutral, but don’t paint everything white—it’s too stark and will scare away tenants that…

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