Essay on Sample Resume : Clinical Experience

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Clinical Experience I choice to do my practicum in the OR at SHMC. I completed a total of 134 hours from August 29-September 22. I had a great experience and gained much confidence in myself from this clinical. Before coming in, I was worried about the clinical experience from what I have heard from those that work in the OR. I also had a lack of confidence in my nursing skills. However, I think that this clinical experience was great for me. There was much personal growth that occurred during this practicum rotation. It challenged me to come out of my comfort zone and to test my knowledge. I learned how to take charge and not be afraid to ask questions. I was surprised how easily everything clicked for me and how comfortable I felt in the operating room. I know that I need more experience, but I feel very confident in running an OR room from start to finish. I know how to set up a room and have come to understand and recognize some of the supplies and lingo they use for surgeries and tools. I understand the process of pre-op, intra-op, and post-op and have learned how to care for a patient in each setting. Practicum in the OR challenged me to conceptualize and look at the “big picture” of a patient and the reasoning behind everything that we do to prep. I was able to draw and understand connections when it came to looking at labs, previous surgeries, and comorbidities. Overall, the OR was a great experience for me and I look forward to pursuing this field of nursing in the…

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