Sample Resume : ' Baby ' Essay examples

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Baby A.J. was born 10/22/15 03:19 at 33.0 weeks age via vaginal delivery. A.J. was admitted to NICU 10/22/15 at 4:00 secondary to respiration problems including grunting and bradycardic events. The Baby’s Apgars were 8 and 9. His birth weight was 2.090 Kg. Information regarding the baby’s mother, she had a cerclage placed at 14 weeks which is a cervical stitch. This was placed as a treatment for her cervix which started to shorten and open too early in her pregnancy. She had been in the hospital 4 weeks prior to delivery on bed rest and monitoring. Her rupture of membranes is as follows, PPROM, ROM 9/24 Mag on 9/25, BMZ 9/24-9/25. ABX 9/2. Mom is a G3P2L3. Mother is 39 years old at time of delivery. During my time in the NICU A.J. was at a current gestational age of 35.5 weeks The baby was preterm as was his older sister born 2 years prior. Both pregnancy’s the mother had to have Cerclage placed do to the shortening of her cervix too early. The mother did have multiple risk factors that were pointing to preterm labor thus why the mother was admitted to the hospital to be on strict bed rest and monitoring. The mother had an early rupture of membranes which was another factor that led to her hospital stay before birth. She was placed on Mag as well prior to going into active labor. The mother was using continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) to treat her sleep apnea which started around month five of her pregnancy. The baby is experiencing several bradycardic events per…

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